Algot von Brandt


Welcome to Algot von Brandt's official author website! Algot (who mostly goes by Flo, but really any of his pen-names is fine) is an author of queer, slife-of-life stories in fantastical settings. He also writes under the pen-name Mars Mercury for fluffy contemporary M/M romances novels, and Dirge Gregory for dark gay romances.

You can find him microblogging on Mastodon and more longform blogging on Dreamwidth

Algot does not currently have a Patreon but as an avid reader constantly spending more money on books than is wise, he's got a wishlist full of mostly very, very gay books, in the event you feel like bolstering his budget (cue sweating emoji).

Coming Soon in 2023

Our Sweet Days is an omegaverse, interstellar, slice-of-life novel about a guy ditching his toxic famliy and moving to another planet with his trusty AI butler for a fresh start.

This site is still under construction.